Network Planning and Optimization for Automotive

The following modules and products were used in the creation of this demo:

  • Location Intelligence Module
  • MapInfo Pro
  • Spectrum Spatial Analyst
  • Enterprise Routing Module

The following data products were used in the creation of this demo:

  • Precisely Points of Interest
  • Precisely Demographics
  • Precisely Italian Admin Boundaries


Demo Description

This is a two part demo created for Automotive Network Planning and Geo-marketing.

Part 1: This demo addresses use cases like: analyzing addressable automotive market, automotive dealer coverage, territory performance, and cannibalization by competitors.

Part 2: This demo addresses post-sale use cases specifically in marketing and retail. For example, analyzing post-sale network coverage, identifying growth regions within the network (Vehicle Park Data could represent potential customers), evaluating post-sale overlap (region) with competitors to understand cannibalization.  Providing the right level of after-sales service requires a deep understanding of customers, which includes their location and the location of service centers, dealers and competitors. Additionally, to build customer loyalty we have layered in demographic data on top of existing information to personalize communications (marketing).

Click the images to view a video walkthrough of part 1 and part 2 of the demo, or click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

To access the demo itself please visit the MDM AUTOMOTIVE-SIENA DEMO

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