Customer Intelligence for Retail

The following modules and products were used in the creation of this demo:

  • Big Data Integration Module
  • Data Hub Module
  • Data Integration Module
  • Enterprise Geocoding Module & Reference Data
  • Enterprise GeoComplete Module
  • Global Address Validation
  • Global Geocoding Module
  • Universal Name Module
  • Data Normalization Module
  • Spectrum On Demand Email and Phone Validation

The following data products were used in the creation of this demo:

  • Precisely Social Data
  • Precisely Demographic Data
  • Precisely Lifestyle Data
  • Precisely Property Attributes Data


Demo Description

Learn how to capture clean customer data and link customer interactions across all touch-points to gain rich insights into customer behaviors and optimize how you interact with each individual customer throughout their lifetime.

Click the image to view a video walkthrough of the demo, or click here.

To access the demo itself please visit the Retail Customer Intelligence Demo.

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