Efficient and Cost-Effective Compliance with Screener

The following modules and products were used in the creation of this demo:

  • Spectrum Screener
  • Business Steward Module
  • Data Hub Module
  • Data Integration Module
  • Global Sentry Module
  • Information Extraction Module
  • Global Address Validation
  • Universal Name Module
  • Advanced Matching Module
  • Data Normalization Module

The following other data was used in the creation of this demo:

  • OFAC Sanctions List
  • OFAC Specially Designated Nationals List


Demo Description

It’s time to reconsider your bank’s screening process end-to-end to ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering laws and avoid big penalties from the regulators. A screening solution that increases the quality of your data, your lists, your matches and your responsiveness to regulators will make you more efficiently meet your bank’s list management and screening obligations. Learn how in this presentation and demo of Spectrum Screener from Precisely.

Click the image to view a video walkthrough of the demo, or click here.

To access the demo itself please visit the DCS Tablet Demo.

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